Sometimes we think our wardrobe is boring and we have nothing to wear. We keep spending money on lovely pieces that do not go together and we end up using only a third of our clothes! I decided I needed to organize myself, and in order to do that I had to visualize my outfits put together: what would go with what, how I could use the same pieces with different accessories, how many looks I could create using everything I have in my closet. The solution? I photograph FLAT LAYS and keep a record of it all! This way I can keep my wardrobe fresh, use everything and remember which pieces go great together. And sharing it with you means you can begin organizing your own wardrobe and start making smarter shopping decisions too!

About me, I’m Brazilian, mom of 2 toddlers, now calling London home, after a few years in Paris and the USA. My style has been getting a dose of global influence but I always keep my classic essence. Pearls are my favorite earrings, and heels have been switched to flats as you can’t get enough of a walk in this city! And yes, I do lazy looks often and you wouldn’t probably recognize me in the craziness of my days. 

Lastly, I couldn’t have a complete blog without its own beauty section. I love makeup, love trying new products, love all things beauty. And I share it with you!


With lots of love,

Ariella Amaral

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