Me and the blow dryer is a really old love story. At least once a week (from one to three) I blow dry my hair on full power so I can get my hair styled. Guess it started when I was fourteen and I had my mom as a model – she was married to her blow dryer as well (!!) I don’t have naturally straight hair, in fact my hair is really difficult to manage specially if I do not use chemical straighteners. So I find the need to blow dry it as much as possible so it can be more manageable and look the way I like it to look.

But all of that blow dryer – flat iron – chemicals cans take a toll on our hair, so I don’t let it go neglected. The heat and chemicals can damage the hair, give you split ends, cause breakage, dullness and etc, so there are two things I do to prevent/treat it: use a heat protector before styling and use a reconstructor once a month. I found 2 products I’m currently using and I’m in love with both of them:

Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor: I believe most of you have heard about this award-winning product! It is a powerful combination of amino-acids that acts in only five minutes to rebuild and fortify stressed strands. Our hair is formed by keratin, composed by several amino-acids, that’s why we need amino-acids based products to restore strands’ health. What I like about the K-Pak from Joico is that it acts fast, so you only need 5 minutes, and it leaves your hair smooth. Many reconstructor products may not leave your hair smooth so you would need extra moisture on top of it. It’s the best I’ve tried so far! I’ve been using John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner for a while (which I love, it’s also hydrating) but a rapid and more drastic result I’ve achieved with the Joico K-Pak.

Kérastase Resistance Sérum Therapiste: part of the new “Résistance” line, this sérum is the final step and can be used in both damp and dry hair, from mid-lengh to ends, to heal, seal over-processed hair and to diminish appearance of split ends. It is also packed with amino-acids and has heat protection up to 230°. The product comes with two separate sides combined in a pump so you get a cream-based product from one side and a clear one from the other. You mix together in the palm of the hands and apply to the hair. I find 2 pumps to be enough for my hair, which is thick and voluminous, and it’s great because it does not feel heavy at all (at least in this quantity for me). I use in damp hair prior to style it. So far I’m very pleased with the results!



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