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I’ve been in a massive skincare research this past year and I’ve been discovering a lot of interesting products (wich I’ll be sharing with you here on the blog!). Of course, we are always looking for the best result with the best price, but it’s not always possible. For a while, I was intrigued by the famous and celebrity-adored Rodin Olio Lusso, a luxurious blend of 11 facial oils with incredible scent, properties, and a quite expensive price tag.

Although its formulation looked so incredible, there were lots of people on the internet saying how easily you can make your own face oil at home mixing your favourite ones, that you should be buying from reliable sources.  It didn’t look that simple to me, especially that if you look for each and every oil and you try to get the purest or great quality ones, you will not pay as cheap in the end for all those oils. And you have no idea how much of each  you should be using to start with, so I definitely wouldn’t go for this uncertain path!!

It was when I found at Amazon this oil from Green Keratin called Q10 Plus Vitamin E Facial Oil Complex Night Elixir. It’s and organic UK made product, and its ingredients are nothing less than an amazing blend of effective oils to promote emollience and skin rejuvenation. And guess what? There are 11 oils (like Olio Lusso) plus a few other components. I’ll list below what each one contains and their comparison.

Contained in both:

  • Neroli Oil: Loaded with minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin C, improves elasticity and helps to soften wrinkles.
  • Apricot Oil: Rich in oleic and linoleic acids, vitamins A and E, gives skin clarity and suppleness without feeling greasy.
  • Argan Oil: Rich in fatty acids, vitamins A and E and antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing properties and boosts cell production.
  • Rosehip Oil: contains vitamin C, A, omega 6 and 9, lycopene and beta-carotene, promotes collagen production, cell regeneration, fights pigmentation and aging skin.
  • Almond Oil: packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids, is an excellent emollient.
  • Jojoba Oil: rich in vitamin E, is antioxidant and prevents dryness, nourishes the skin without being greasy.
  • Evening Primrose Oil: contains gamma-linolenic acids, is astringent and enhances the epidermal barrier.

Contained in Olio Lusso:

  • Sunflower Oil: a blend of glycerides and fatty acids that help moisturizing skin.
  • Calendula Flower Oil: is a great emollient with antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptical properties.
  • Arnica Montana Flower Extract: it’s beneficial for swollen and puffy skin.
  • Jasmine: skin softener with calming effects.

Contained in Complex Night Elixir:

  • Kukui Oil: skin conditioning with fatty acids.
  • Kiwi Oil: contains vitamins C and E and boosts skin’s health.
  • Watermelon seed Oil: Emollient, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Avocado Oil: protects against free radicals, moisturizes and smoothes skin.
  • Squalane: anti-oxidant rich, age-fighting emollient.
  • Coenzyme Q10: antioxidant and skin conditioning.

I decided to purchase the Complex Night Elixir over the Rodin Olio Lusso because of the price (the Night Elixir is around 15£). I have been using it for 5 months now and can say I am very pleased with it. It hydrates my skin without feeling greasy – I only need a small pump or around 3 drops to cover my entire face, it smells a bit like a spa product – that luxurious feeling, and my skin is looking very good. I was previously using retinol before this oil and I think in combination with vitamin C, it helped to keep my skin glowing. I would definitely repurchase as I’m convinced by the benefits of this product and the price is really good!

Do you use any face oils in your skincare routine? Share your favourites in the comments!




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