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Alexia & Me, unretouched photos by Maju Oller

What I like about New Year’s beginning is that you can look back and see everything you’ve accomplished (and what you haven’t…) and things you want to do differently.  To me, there are new goals I’ve set, and there are some old goals that are still behind me, hoping I’ll give them proper attention.

Looking and My Boring Wardrobe’s year, there are lots of nice things I was able to share during 2016.

One of my favourite casual outfits was denim shirt and trainers, which I wore here, here, here and here. I wore this gorgeous lace body and lace dress, that was also my outfit for the Polo Day, where you could meet my family.

Other winners were this bodycon dress, this white & blue look and red turtleneck, not to mention the culottes & cropped top and bardot top trends. My look for London Fashion Week was also one of the most commented, and you can see more bits on my Instagram.

Stylewise I gave some nice tips on how to choose flats  and how to wear black in summer, how to make a simple outfit look great, how to edit Instagram photos and I gave 5 interesting facts about my personal style.

When it comes to beauty, my favourite products were this face oil, this concealer, and all these hair staples from Kerastase to L’Oreal.

I also gave amazing tips on the top 3 ingredients you want in your skincare routine, the benefits of vitamin C, how to start using Retinol, easy at home teeth whitening and how to get smooth skin in the shower with just 2 products.

Very recently I’ve started my YouTube Channel, and I’m sure you don’t want to miss my first video which is a fun behind the scenes of my photoshoot for Precis. Make sure you subscribe here to keep up with me.

Which ones were your favourites? I hope you had a great 2016 and wish 2017 is even better!!







the bags of your dreams Uncloset

BAG: Louis Vuitton Anouchka PM (Uncloset)/ SHOES: Precis / SCARF: Valentino / PARFUM: Chanel n5 L’eau


I remember the day I made my dream of a Designer Bag come true: It was in Paris, 2009, in that big and beautiful Louis Vuitton Store at Champs Elysées. Yes, I went for the classic Speedy model in the light colour, one of the least expensive from the store, and with my initials engraved on it. I’ve carried it proudly for a long time and eventually ended up getting a few other designer bags after it, which I cherish with my heart. I don’t have a collection, nor a different designer bag to show up with at every event I attend to, but things can change. And I’ve teamed up with Uncloset to bring you the brilliant news that you can have the bags (yes, bagS) of your dreams today, and they are only a few clicks away. launched this 1st of December with the concept of offering you and me the opportunity of choosing Designer bags, getting them at our doorstep, and exchanging them when we want, for a monthly subscription. When you subscribe and follow the steps to confirm your details, you are presented with a range of Designer Bags, from GUCCI to CHANEL, CELINE, LOEWE, PRADA, VALENTINO, DIOR, YSL, MULBERRY and others. You can choose the one you like, and then swap them for a different style, when you have a party to attend, for example. You can select the style according to your personal preferences and occasion, and not repeat a bag if you don’t want to!  Does that sound tempting?

Well, even more tempting is the fact that if you subscribe until December 31st, 2016 at midnight, you can use the code POPMYCHERRY and get a super discount! So you have to rush! I’ve already found the bag that’s right for me and will be selecting a different one soon – stay stunned for my next choice!





Christmas Gift Guide

This week is Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s a special time to spend with family & friends and surprise the ones you love with special gifts. I have selected a few items if you are running out of ideas and still have to get those few last gifts for your girlfriends!

  1. Mariah Carey for Mac Holiday 2016: Most of the collection is already sold out but you still can find lovely stuff like these 2 makeup brushes and false eyelashes. It’s glittery and will look great on a dressing table! Eyelashes £11.50, Eye shader brush £21.00 & Buffer brush £34.50
  2. If she’s into candles and home decor, the Wilnelia Forsyth Celebration Candle not only comes in a gorgeous packaging (and gold-polished lid) but also fills in the room with a festive scent that is a mix of rose, patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense and cypress oil. And it will last for hours… here for £55.00
  3. Trophy Skin MiniMD Microdermabrasion System: I have been trying this portable “exfoliator” device for the past month and I can already say it’s a great addition to my beauty routine. Results improve with continuous use and you can say hello to smooth brighter skin! Stay tuned for a full review soon on the blog!  It retails for $99 and they ship to Europe (it is currently unavailable at
  4. Thomas Sabo Jewellery: women love accessories, and fine jewellery is always a pleaser. I love the Rose-gold plated and pearls earrings for £180, the yellow gold-plated bracelet for £159 and the bridge rose gold and zirconia bracelet for £275.
  5. If she’s more of a geek and likes to have her desk organised, the Native Union  DOCK+ Lightning in stone/rose gold is a perfect choice. You can charge your iPhone or iPad and visualise your screen with no mess for £49.99







Keeping faithful to my love for red hues this festive season, I got to choose one of the new Marc B handbags and my pick was this lovely Emerald Burgundy Grab Bag. It’s a classic flat style, it’s quilted and the chain shoulder strap is detachable. But best of all, it features three separate compartments which make it sooo spacious! And yes, I can keep my elegance and carry the world in it, meaning one section is for the kids, one for snacks (their and mine!) and one for myself. I try not to carry too much junk in it, but the truth is, the bigger the bag, the more stuff we will fit in it!

I always carry my Swarovski Crystalline pen, but I must admit that I have my eyes on the rose gold Stardust one. For sunglasses, I either have one of my Pradas, and currently my black Cinema is matching my outfits more (black, black, black… don’t I ever get tired?!) Fragrance wise, I’m loving the Chanel n5 L’eau which I recently got at their new Jewellery collection launch cocktail, and it’s more subtle than the original fragrance.

I don’t carry loads of makeup when I’m on the go, rather the essentials: a lip balm (I’ve reviewed my favourite one here, and the one on the photo is just a tinted version of it); a lipstick – love the light pink colour of the MAC Creme Cup; and a blush/highlighter from Bobbi Brown – mine is the Shimmer Brick Compact in Pink Quartz. I carry my BareMinerals Full Flawless face brush in its mini version to apply the powder.

What do you guys carry in your bags? Let me know!






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Photos by Maju Oller

It’s December and all I can say is that 2016 was already an accomplished year.  So much has happened and 99% of it was positive, and I’m thankful that God in His infinite love has always been by our sides.

We’ve arrived in London end of January, after spending the last couple of years living in Paris. I was worried about finding good doctors for my children, about how they would adapt to a new country, new school, and learn a new language again. But everything was fine.  The transition went smooth, we fell in love with this city, we met a lot of great people, we made new friends.

Blogwise was a great surprise for me. I’ve started My Boring Wardrobe mid-2015 while still living in France, and arriving in London I had no contacts at all. Did not know any bloggers, any brands or anyone in the blogsphere or fashion industry in the UK to connect with. But perseverance always pays off and brands started contacting me on Instagram, via emails, I started going to events, meeting beautiful people, collaborating with brands, and I even took part of a panel during Social Media Week (here). And now what? I am participating of the UK BLOG AWARDS and want YOU to help me get voted for best Fashion & Beauty blog!

I’m maybe just a seashell in this vast ocean but blogging is what I love doing, is what I do when I think I’m on a break from motherhood (not that such a thing exists!!), is what inspires me and keeps me confident every day. So if you could just click here and spend a few seconds supporting MBW, it would mean the world to me!!

Thanks for sticking around!



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