how to edit instagram photos

As Instagram is mainly a photo platform, aesthetics is key if you have an open account and want to attract followers. I’m ok with only using Valencia filter on my personal pictures, but when it comes to the blog I have to work on them so they look nicer and more attractive.

I used to only use Instagram’s tools to edit photos, along with the filters and thought that was the best I could do. But there are 4 very helpful photo editing Apps I’ve discovered and regularly use that can really change the way our pictures are presented. Also, if you choose to have a “theme” for you feed (i.e. white background, vintage effect, bluish tones, etc), it’s easier to edit everything in a harmonic way.

So here are my tips on How to Edit Instagram Photos and the Apps I use:

Afterlight: This app is a game changer when it comes to making your background whiter. It’s simple, has a lot of features and it’s the one I use the most.

To get that white effect, you can select “Brightness” and put to the maximum. The secret is that you can actually increase the brightness over and over just by clicking on it again. I then adjust Contrast, Clarify in some cases, Saturation and Sharpening occasionally.

The app also has some nice filters: Guess – Rust and Seasons – Magnolia are good suggestions if you’re working with white backgrounds.

how to edit instagram photos 1

How to Edit Instagram Photos 2

The Photo Resizing feature is also great, and I like using it to change picture’s sides, particularly for selfies (when I like the other angle better!) They also have different frames to add to the pictures.
how to edit instagram photos 3

VSCO CAM: Has a few good filters and I love using it for editing food pictures. In that case, Exposure, Contrast, Clarity and Sharpen will make a great difference to the image. Also, the function Tint is nice to enhance the background color.

How to edit Instagram photos 4

how to edit instagram photos 5

SNAPSEED: This app is also another secret weapon to help with a whiter background. If you have a photo with some areas that you think still need to be clearer/lighter/brighter, go to Brush – Exposure and use your fingers on the places you want to be enhanced. Sometimes I combine the Brightness from Afterlight with the Brush from Snapseed to make the perfect edition.

I also like Details and Tonal Contrast for food. There’s also some frames and nice Black & White filters, and the Lens Blur, which gives you the blurred background effect of the picture below:

How to edit instagram photos 6

PHOTOMIRROR: Not just a mirror effect app, it allows you to edit, add different effects and create collages. For Mirror, you have 2D or 3D options, blurred frames and others, filters and text. A very cool app to play around with.

how to edit instagram photos 7

Except for the Photo Mirror Collage (which I couldn’t find), all these apps are also available for Android download.  And how do you edit your Instagram photos? Do you use any of these apps? Share your tips in the comments!




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    Vanessa Sotto
    September 13, 2016 at 8:05 PM

    I loved all the tips! I already have some
    of the apps but will download the ones that I don’t have right now! Thank you! ?

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    September 18, 2016 at 3:24 PM

    Hummm ja vou usar essas dicas ?


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