It’s very common here in France people having a nice salad dish for lunch. Accompanied by a few slices of baguette bread and Perrier (sparkling water), they finish it with a cup of coffee and that’s it! For summer it’s mostly a great choice.

Today I decided to make my own version of the French Salad, and I will share the simple and tasty recipe that you can use as the main or even the side dish:

Arugula leaves

Mâche leaves – I never saw this outside France and I’m unaware of its translation. But it has a very mild flavor. I would use for example red leaf lettuce instead.

Corn grains (can type) (opening another parenthesis, the French aren’t really fans of corn … but let’s say it’s my Brazilian touch)

Half tomato into slices

Cucumber slices (you can peel it if you want)

A small onion slice chopped

Emmental cheese cut into cubes (or mozzarella)

Sliced parma ham (here called Jambon Sec).

To season it I put a few drops of lemon, salt, olive oil, oregano and parsley (or the mix of Herbs you like).

Those who like to add grains I suggest using black sesame.

Hope you like it!



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