After using the Lierac Mesolift Serum (review here), I was excited to try other Lierac products, and the Magnificence line caught my attention. It targets wrinkles, firmness and radiance, and it comes in cute red packages!

I got their Sérum Rouge that came with the Lip Balm as a gift (review here), and the Day & Night Anti-Aging Creme Gel, that came with the Precision Eye Care (review here). So I was pretty happy I got 4 products for «kind of» the price of 2!

The Magnificence Gel is for normal to combination skin, has a rich texture but doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. It is enriched with rice powder to instantly mattify and smooth the skin texture, has a D-Glyox Complex (Pomegranate Flower, Silk Tree, Liposome Peptide) to help reduce the visible signs of skin aging and Hibiscus Flower Extract to improve radiance, evens out skin texture and refines pores. Hyaluronic acid helps keep skin moisturized.

The Magnificence Red Serum has a 7% D-Glycox complex concentration to help fighting the glycoxidation process, responsible for irreversible damages to skin proteins. It reactivates the skin’s renewal process and reveals radiance. Basically a more concentrated version of the creme gel.

I had different experience with both products: while the gel was gentle on my skin, the serum gave me a bit of reaction. I did not get redness or irritation, it was just that I would wake up with some sort of acne caused by it, like some small white pimples. I did use both the serum and the gel for about a little over a month until I decided to just stick to the gel. Too bad, as the serum is more expensive and is supposed to be more effective (and comes in a package that will keep ingredients stable). But it was just not for my skin!

The creme gel however is good for my skin, it hydrates it just right and it did improve a little bit my skin’s appearance. I was experiencing dry patches and some excessive fine lines because of the dryness, and it looks better now after using the cream for two months (it started looking better in 2 weeks). When it comes to the other claims as firming the skin, revealing radiance and improving skin texture, I’m not sure. My pores look the same, I think that a good difference in skin’s texture comes from exfoliation, and this product does not focus on it. And my skin looks more radiant when using their Mesolift Serum.

Nevertheless, this is a good moisturizer with anti-oxidants and cell-communicating ingredients, important to keep skin healthy! (I’m just not sure the package will keep ingredients stable for long, though.) If you want to see my favourite French Pharmacy Beauty Buys, they are all here!

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