The beauty of living in Paris is also taking advantage of the french pharmacy: some say the bests cosmetics are made in France. This year I was determined to try more french brands and LIERAC Paris caught my attention: yes, they have good marketing, but they have real people recommending their products, so I decided to get their Mésolift Serum.

This sérum is charged in vitamins – a cocktail of 15% vitamines (A, C, E, B5, B6), 6 minerals (calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc), hyaluronic acid and blood-orange extract. They help energize, replump the skin and detoxify it.

I really loved this product from the moment I opened it: the soft fragrance is simply delicious! It has an orange color and spreads easily, being absorbed immediately. I actually don’t feel like I’ve applied any product, it doesn’t leave any residue. I’m currently using it in the morning prior to my SPF.

I don’t know about plumped and toned skin, but I can say this serum was a game changer in terms of boosting radiance: it delivers on it’s promise of a glowing, radiant complexion. After a few weeks I noticed a brighter and more even skin, feeling like my dark spots were less prominent. Even if this product is not marketed specifically for uneven skin tone, I felt like it did a better job than a specific treatment I had used before. Loved it!

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