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BAG: Louis Vuitton Anouchka PM (Uncloset)/ SHOES: Precis / SCARF: Valentino / PARFUM: Chanel n5 L’eau


I remember the day I made my dream of a Designer Bag come true: It was in Paris, 2009, in that big and beautiful Louis Vuitton Store at Champs Elysées. Yes, I went for the classic Speedy model in the light colour, one of the least expensive from the store, and with my initials engraved on it. I’ve carried it proudly for a long time and eventually ended up getting a few other designer bags after it, which I cherish with my heart. I don’t have a collection, nor a different designer bag to show up with at every event I attend to, but things can change. And I’ve teamed up with Uncloset to bring you the brilliant news that you can have the bags (yes, bagS) of your dreams today, and they are only a few clicks away.

Uncloset.com launched this 1st of December with the concept of offering you and me the opportunity of choosing Designer bags, getting them at our doorstep, and exchanging them when we want, for a monthly subscription. When you subscribe and follow the steps to confirm your details, you are presented with a range of Designer Bags, from GUCCI to CHANEL, CELINE, LOEWE, PRADA, VALENTINO, DIOR, YSL, MULBERRY and others. You can choose the one you like, and then swap them for a different style, when you have a party to attend, for example. You can select the style according to your personal preferences and occasion, and not repeat a bag if you don’t want to!  Does that sound tempting?

Well, even more tempting is the fact that if you subscribe until December 31st, 2016 at midnight, you can use the code POPMYCHERRY and get a super discount! So you have to rush! I’ve already found the bag that’s right for me and will be selecting a different one soon – stay stunned for my next choice!



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