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I do shop online. A lot! I would say at least half of my fashion purchase is made online. You can take the time you want to choose, to compare, no need to leave home… but I guess one of the biggest advantages of online shopping is being able to find to things you wouldn’t necessarily have access to, at least not that easily.

The main idea of My Boring Wardrobe is taking what you have in your closet and mix and match in a way you will always have something (different) to wear. Is about loving your clothes and having a fresh style. I do talk about affordable style, too. But affordable is a concept that might be different from one to another. You may find that a fast fashion piece is not worth the quality and at the same time, a famous Designer piece is not worth the price. And that’s where SAXA comes in.

Did you check my Special Edit on Marianna’s Jungmann SS16? Well, Jungmann and many other designers are bringing fashion to all of us who wants that little extra and “in between”. At SAXA they bring ethically made products from young designers and small brands across the globe so we have the chance to buy high-quality original products for a competitive price and help to increase small business economy. It’s 77 designers from 12 countries in a platform that provide pleasant shopping experience and free worldwide shipping. High-quality well-curated designs that privilege man craft, with transparent and responsible production so we know the origin of all pieces! And I talk about it from the heart as I’ve been part of this Irish based e-commerce right from the beginning.

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