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Photos by Maju Oller

It’s December and all I can say is that 2016 was already an accomplished year.  So much has happened and 99% of it was positive, and I’m thankful that God in His infinite love has always been by our sides.

We’ve arrived in London end of January, after spending the last couple of years living in Paris. I was worried about finding good doctors for my children, about how they would adapt to a new country, new school, and learn a new language again. But everything was fine.  The transition went smooth, we fell in love with this city, we met a lot of great people, we made new friends.

Blogwise was a great surprise for me. I’ve started My Boring Wardrobe mid-2015 while still living in France, and arriving in London I had no contacts at all. Did not know any bloggers, any brands or anyone in the blogsphere or fashion industry in the UK to connect with. But perseverance always pays off and brands started contacting me on Instagram, via emails, I started going to events, meeting beautiful people, collaborating with brands, and I even took part of a panel during Social Media Week (here). And now what? I am participating of the UK BLOG AWARDS and want YOU to help me get voted for best Fashion & Beauty blog!

I’m maybe just a seashell in this vast ocean but blogging is what I love doing, is what I do when I think I’m on a break from motherhood (not that such a thing exists!!), is what inspires me and keeps me confident every day. So if you could just click here and spend a few seconds supporting MBW, it would mean the world to me!!

Thanks for sticking around!



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